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 The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread!

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The Bagel Dude
The Bagel Dude

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The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread! Empty
PostSubject: The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread!   The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread! I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 02, 2009 9:03 pm

The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread!
Oh yeah, oh yeah, stuff!

So, I have written a few iCarly stories, but they are in need of massive revamping. So that's going on. But I will still be updating this thread with new stuff, so check back here on the first page for new stuff!

iSpencebot: Title parodying I Robot, Spencer builds a robot which he calls the Spencebot. Only the thing decides to go on a robo rampage and wreck iCarly.

My first iCarly story, and shows that clearly. Tense issues, I'm sure, but the dialouge is good!

iSub For Sam:
Sam gets sick and cannot do iCarly, so Spencer subs for her for an episode of the webshow. The problem: fans go nuts for him and Sam quits! Can they get her back or will Spencer be the permanant co-host? Also, the return of Mandy!

The sequel to iSpencebot, as the Spencebot does make an appearance. This one I'm currently revamping and making better. Past tense now, and with more humor! But it's still a good story as it is. Also, making it fit with the current canon, E.G, iKiss.

iWho?: Spencer gets amnesia and cannot remember a thing! Not even his own sister...

So, this one features a better take on the tenses and a little more descriptive than the others. It's a somewhat sequel to iSub, but not the true one.

iBreak Up With Sam: Freddie and Sam announce their relationship (Now breaking away from canon, as far as iThink They Kissed is concerned) and things start to get weird. Sam stops insulting him and Freddie feels he calls it off. But, when Sam decides to get more violent with her pranks, he might just change his mind. And, Spencer searches for some socks.

The true sequel to iSub. Not yet started, but going to be after iWho?

iHate Genies:
This one is a bit odd, but Carly receives a lava lamp that contains a genie whose wishes are not what they seem.

Inspired a bit by Fairly Oddparents, with the genie in a lava lamp. Only my character is a female genie and more Sam-like.

iNeed Therapy Because Of Sam: Carly signs Freddie and Sam up for some thereapy as she sees that their somewhat abusive relationship is just a bit odd.

Someone gave me this idea a long time ago, and I finally decided to act upon it. Might work, might not.

iWill Survive: A zombie invasion forces the three iCarlys to fight for their lives to survive.

Not in the iSub Series, a standalone if you will. All the other stories I've listed are in the series, you see. This one is a rather interesting one to write, as it is much darker than anything I've written before.

And, I think that is it! For now, anyway!
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Queen Malie

Queen Malie

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The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread! Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread!   The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread! I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 05, 2010 8:25 pm

iSub sounds interesting.
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The Bagel Dude's Story Stuff Thread!
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